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Written by Luke Bather - 28 Jul 2016

CANADA are back with this fantastic, fast-paced, witty video for Tiësto & Jauz, featuring the latest in VFX - Mocap technology.

With a song called Infected, it would have been pretty remiss for the Spanish collective to go anywhere other than the viral route. Thankfully they avoided the oh-so-tempting path of the sort of thing that turns up in those terrifying global contagion movies. That was never going to work for an EDM video supported by Budweiser. And the alternative is in a league of its own: an infection that's carried sonically, and turns people into giant, colourful balls of hair. 

There's a lot of brilliant scenarios and a lot of fun had here in under three minutes, and thus the editing style is relentless. Before you've even had time to process one swooping piece of awesome set design or VFX work, there's been three more that you've probably missed.

So watch closely. And if you start sprouting multicoloured fur and feel an uncontrollable urge to dance, embrace it. You'll be fine.


Director of PhotographyDaniel Voldheim
Director of PhotographyElÍas M. FÉlix
Executive ProducerOscar Romagosa
Executive ProducerMarta Argullós
Art DirectorCésar Martínez

Written by Luke Bather - 28 Jul 2016

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