Promonews - 27th Aug 2021

While first round voting on many of the categories at this year's UK Music Video Awards continues, having opened on August 17th, the UKMVAs have now opened first round voting for the remaining categories today - the Individual and company categories.

Selected Jury Members have been contacted, informed that one new category in that section of the awards has now been added to their judging reel.

This is for the first round judging for a range of awards for Director, New Director, Producer, Agent, Commissioner, Production Company and Post Production Company.   

Meanwhile Jury Members have until Monday, September 7th at 5pm to vote on the categories they have already been allotted, in the Best Video by Music Genre, Live Video and Technical Achievement categories. 

Votes in the Special Projects category are due on September 10th, and Best Music Film judging closes on September 17th.

The first round voting in the Individual and Company categories must close by 5pm on September 15th.

And if they have not already begun their judging, Jury Members are advised to do so as soon as possible, so they have enough time to watch all the work in their categories before selecting their choices to advance to the second round of judging - which will begin in the second week of September. 

The UKMVAs message to Jury Members is: we need your votes - and there will be no extensions to these deadlines.

Jury Members should log in at the UK Music Video Awards 2021 judging platform.

More info at the UKMVAs website.

Promonews - 27th Aug 2021

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