David Knight - 21st July 2008

Very good to see WIZ back in action. And his first video in absolutely ages is also unusual for him.

There's the budget, of course, clearly a fraction of what he's used to. But also, making a video for the determinedly anonymous Clinic means there's no pop star being made unimpeachably cool by one of his extraordinary scenarios.

But his portrait of a girl preparing for a very English ritual is, of course, in his own highly distinctive fashion.

Unmistakably a Musicfilm by WIZ.

Watch 'Clinic's Tomorrow by WIZ' here


Production CompanyFactory Films
ProducerLou Whiston
Director of PhotographyGabi Norland
EditorGus Herdman
ColouristTom Russell
CommissionerBart McDonagh

David Knight - 21st July 2008

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