Jimmy Brown - 4th Mar 2010

"To me, there?s beauty in embracing the inner idiot," Ace explains. "That's kind of what this video is about - the creativity that spawns from boredom - the idea of taking a bunch of useless inventions, brainfarts, and silly afterthoughts and making a performance out of it.

"I guess it's my way of mocking all the vestigial crap that exists around us - the advertisements, the products, the snuggies, all the things we don't NEED but seem to WANT so bad. Stupidity can be a true art form and I hope I captured it accurately."

Watch 'Darwin Deez’ Radar Detector by Ace Norton' here

PRO Credits


DirectorAce Norton
Production CompanyPartizan Darkroom
Executive ProducerSasha Nixon
Director of PhotographyRoss Riege
Art DirectorChelsea Oliver
StylistElie Kaya
OfflineEric Greenburg
OnlineEric Greenburg
CommissionerStephen Richards

Jimmy Brown - 4th Mar 2010

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