David Knight - 20th Apr 2010

Months after her excellent video for Slow Club's It Doesn't Always Have To Be Beautiful, Lucy Needs is back with Slow Club (the Matt and Kim of Sheffield) and a genuine one-shot - this time with the assistance of the unique Mackenzie Crook and a lovely old fairground attraction.

Mackenzie - looking cold and bitter, and like he's given up as he heads towards a cold sky - makes it. And he nails the lipsync to a upbeat song with a downbeat message.

And that's a nice looking funfair...

Lucy Needs on making the video for Slow Club's Giving Up On Love

"We shot this at dawn near Hampton Court Palace. I'm happy to admit this was made for hundreds rather than thousands. I'd made a couple of crap videos and made the conscious decision to be bolder; and I don't think you always need budget to do that.

"Rebecca (from the band) and I went to see a show at the Apollo and decided to leave Mackenzie an album and a note at the stage door. God knows why, but he rang and said he was up for it. I'd only worked with bands and models until then so I never really had an understanding of acting and what a craft it is. He was perfect, he also just looks so
fu*king cool.

"Both he and Dave [Miller] amaze me, the way they mould what you want with their own craftsmanship is incredible.. I really can't thank either of them enough. I'm slowly starting to learn how much there actually is to play around with and it makes the prospect of film-making so much more exciting.

"Thanks to Moshi Moshi, who are brilliant, Rebecca & Charles who make me a really proud mate. And to George and Arthur from Irvin Leisure for letting me use their wheel. Everyone should get down to a funfair this summer, because those old rides are so beautiful and music videos aren't the only trade to have taken a hit lately."

Slow Club's Willow Tree by Lucy Needs

Bonus Slow Club video! Shot the same morning (and presumably rather spontaneous) here's a live B-side by Rebecca and Charles - their cover of Chad Vangaalen's Willow Tree.

Lovely harmonies, with added wind.


DirectorLucy Needs
Director of PhotographyDave Miller

David Knight - 20th Apr 2010

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