Jimmy Brown - 29th Sept 2010

"We filmed on the Sussex Downs on a Canon 5D, armed with a tiny budget and a determined crew we pulled together ever favour, family member and friend we could find" explains Dollings.

"We were very lucky to have access to a family home that has a sculpture garden and sculpture studio attached, so the idea of a cult ceremony going on behind closed doors was an idea begging to be used. And the idea of a massive turban - well that just seemed to happen as the production was underway, as soon as we found a ref image of a giant turban there really was no going back. Ross was hesitant at first, mainly because that turban was heavy and hot, but he was game enough to soldier on and in some ways I think the turban brought out a side of Ross I'd never seen before. I love those dance moves!

"Shot over 2 days, we were so very fortunate with the weather and all the cast really understood their characters and had a great time. And if you're wondering, after the shoot the fish was BBQ'd and devoured by us all - delicious!"


Director of PhotographyCarolina Marsiaj Costa
ProducerBen Murray
StylistSarah Parker
EditorMark McBride
ColouristLuke Morrison @ The Mill

Jimmy Brown - 29th Sept 2010

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