David Knight - 10th Feb 2011

Filmed over two days in freezing December, the video was shot on a combination of 7D and Go Pro Cam, the 7D served to observe the scenes much like a documentary from afar, while the Go Pro Camera provides the perspective of the pulsing heart - and the basis of some impressively executed sequences, particularly one gravity defying shot at the start in which the viewer is lifted off into the air and caught again.

"We met the band at one of their gigs at Cargo, where we first heard the track - the song, with its ethereal tones and heavy beat really spoke to us," says Ben. "Within 10 minutes after the show we'd sat down with the band and established the narrative of the heart. Everything unfolded quite organically from there. The melody of the song at first appears light hearted and innocent, however the lyrics and grating synth speak of a darker gothic vibe. Luck was definitely on our side in terms of the weather and cast, seeing as it had been snowing the previous week. The idea was to combine a sense of the real and transpose it into the more surreal and mystical."


DirectorBen Strebel
Production CompanySaloon Films
ProducerCharlie Forte & Emory Ruegg
Director of PhotographyKit Fraser
Production ManagerLana Henry
1st ADEmory Ruegg
2nd ADBoris Becker
EditorMyles Painter
PropsAdam James
CommissionerDuncan Ellis @ Scruffy Bird Management
DirectorLewis Kyle White

David Knight - 10th Feb 2011

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