David Knight - 27th Oct 2011

Tim & Joe's video for NYC band New Look's Nap On The Bow applies the technology of the Xbox Kinect to create something cool. It's certainly not the first to do so, but the depth information collected by the Kinect camera's infra-red system - capturing people and objects in 3D - provided the ideal means to execute their idea for the video.

"Listening to Nap On The Bow we instantly felt we wanted to create something with an underwater feel," Tim and Joe explain in the making of account on their blog. "Looking back at kinect images we really felt that the style of image it created would fit well with New Look's music. We pitched them the idea of using the kinect to capture their performance and then create an underwater world digitally around them."

T&J worked closely with Chris Bristow at Munky to make this happen - and they explain all on their blog - including how they used everyday objects like bubblewrap to create their underwater netherworld...


DirectorTim & Joe
3D AnimatorMunky
ProducerTim & Joe
Executive ProducerTamsin Glasson
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
CommissionerNadja Rangel

David Knight - 27th Oct 2011

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