David Knight - 7th Feb 2012

Bad girl M.I.A. is back with bad boy Romain Gavras for Bad Girls, and it's an awesome, beautiful, horizon-widening, spectacle. Beamers driving on end, boy racers in keffiyahs, mind-boggling stunts, skidding blow-outs, silky dancers with AK-47s - and Arab stallions in full gallop....

Shot in Morocco, it's arguably Romain's first proper pop video - which also smashes a stereotypical Western view of the 'Middle East'. And it puts M.I.A's middle finger to the all-American Superbowl-watching viewers into some kind of perspective. What else could she possibly do

Watch 'M.I.A. 'Bad Girls' by Romain Gavras' here

PRO Credits


DirectorRomain Gavras
Executive ProducerMourad Belkeddar
ProducerKhalid Tahhar
Director of PhotographyAndre Chemetoff
Art DirectorRomain Gavras
StylistHannah Edwards, Tom Man
StuntsCiné Cascades
EditorWalter Mauriot
Post ProducerDigital District
CommissionerMichelle Ann

David Knight - 7th Feb 2012

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