David Knight - 8th Mar 2012

Ms Blue comes up against Ms Red in a weird dystopian Victoriana-styled fight club for Our Man In The Bronze Age's Eyebags - directed by Dan Gibling via new company Acid Films. It's ambitious and epic - with an entirely animated mid-section. And after the two female warriors square up to each other, there's an eyebrow-raising climax...

"The idea originated from the three distinct sections of the song, reminding me of an almost classical arrangement depicting war, peace and war again," explains Dan. "We partnered this arrangement with a theme of colour - red vs blue, which play out in battle in our surreal underground fight club, combine in the veins of our tree of life for the peace section, and are at war again in the final section - but in a twist they combine into purple as the distinction of love and war breaks down.

"The idea to shoot the peace section as an animation came from conversations with the band, and my fascination with rotoscoping. We brought in skilful animator and illustrator Lydia CS who painstakingly spent two months locked in a windowless room hand drawing over 1000 frames in green pencil on brown sugar paper and photographing them, creating our tree of life (turn death), with all the playing band members emerging from its woodwork.

Unfortunately the project had practically no budget, and once again everyone involved worked for us for free. Four months from conception to completion, we pulled in every favour we had, blagged every freebie we could and pulled the entire thing in for just over £1000." And job very well done.



DirectorDan Gibling
ProducerAaron Aziz
Production CompanyAcid Films
Director of PhotographyDave Wright
Production designerIsmini Xekalaki
GafferSalvador Gomez
1st ADBrendan Barry
StylistIsabelle Lindsay
EditorDan Gibling

David Knight - 8th Mar 2012

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