Jimmy Brown - 16th May 2012

In a joint production between Numinous Pictures and You Know, Stuart Birchall delivers this high-concept, dark piece for heavy rockers Architects drawing inspiration from classic movies.

Mirroring the huge energetic soundtrack, the promo comes at you full-trottle and here Stuart explains the ideas behind the production: "The Architects and I have worked together for a while now, often discussing where things could progress to visually, so this was a good opportunity to develop some more conceptual ideas with the band.

"I challenged everybody involved and they all delivered 110%. Alex Dunn handled the extensive post production demands which included a lot of compositing and effects as well as the edit, in a tight time frame. We worked with DP Rob Wilton and Dog Eared Films, in who's studio we constructed the sets. Alex Bowens juggled responsibilities on Thor 2 whilst handling the production design for us, so I dont think he slept much for a week! Satinder Chumber came on board to develop the prosthetics, working with Jane Stiefel to create a very striking look.

"The symbolism and references within the video will no doubt be interpreted in a hundred different ways. Some of the younger Architects fans may not recognise some of the more classical references but if it creates debate and leads people to ask questions and investigate then its a success in my opinion."

Watch 'Architects 'Alpha Omega' by Stuart Birchall' here


DirectorStuart Birchall
Production CompanyYou Know
EditorAlex Dunn
Director of PhotographyRob Wilton
Production designerAlex Bowens
Line ProducerEmma Copeland
Production AssistantJulia Paoletti, Isabella Lopez Smith, Leila Mousavi
Behind The ScenesM

Jimmy Brown - 16th May 2012

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