Jimmy Brown - 16th July 2012

Creepy... Edward Housden's promo for Joel Sarakula's I Will Deliver is set in a run-down 70's strip club in the Eastern Bloc and sees one of the gentlemen take things a little too far...

Dennis Ivanovish Khoroshko, Yuliya Fytsaylo, Roxi Gregory, Bronwen Martin-Miceli, Leigh Stevenson, Sal Chyamolonskas, Leonidas Plavko, Achim Aleksich, Vince Erckens, Den Kozlov



DirectorEdward Housden
ProducerRoshan Singh/Benny Locke
Production CompanyJust a Little
1st ADRoshan Singh
Camera operatorSophie Black
Casting directorDanielle Harvey
GafferJared Fryer
StylistNicolette Carrapetta
ChoreographerVikki Burns

Jimmy Brown - 16th July 2012

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