Sam Hill - 11th Oct 2012

Saman Kerhavarz investigates the benefits (and life-threatening dangers) of killing calories in this wonderful oddity for Vitalic. Not for the faint-hearted in the slightest, Saman (and co-writer Nate Eggert) explore a bizarre world of weight loss, where your favourite food can not only kill you, but smack you around a bit beforehand.

Can you fight the flab and kill the calories

"Once upon a time I gained a lot of weight and was a sad little boy," Saman explains. "I would try to work out, but all that would pop into my head was my hot girlfriend and fast food. I am not chubby or sad anymore, and now i present to you our video for Vitalic...'STAMINA'.

"The inception of the idea started from the tone of the song, which sounded like an absolutely demented workout video. I love mysteries, so I wanted to fuse a bizarre combo that wasn't funny nor serious. It's also important to mention that this was a hard video to shoot: raided by cops, prosthetic nightmares, and angry people against the cause. But one thing is for sure: you can bet your ass we had juicy hamburgers for our lunches. Special thanks to my über-dedicated crew including: Chris Black, Sarah Park and Isaac Bauman (super tr00p3rs)."


PRO Credits


DirectorSaman Kesh
EditorSaman Kesh
ProducerSarah Park
Art DirectorMorgan Gillio
StylistMegan Thompson
ColouristKurt Nishimura
Focus PullerCorbett Jones
GafferMegan Richardson
GripDyron Pacheco
SteadicamAaron Smith
Clapper LoaderEvan Scott
Production AssistantTed Marsden, Zach Kornfeld

Sam Hill - 11th Oct 2012

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