Jimmy Brown - 8th Nov 2012

"This clip is all about Jenn D making a statement" explains Rock Jacobs oh his colourful and energetic promo for Lose It by the UK's newest rising star. "Cinematic with the look, fluid with constant motion in feel".

"I shot 90% of my shots on steadicam - nearly killed my operator (Twojay Dhillon). Bold colors - pop driven - I came up with these cool optical flares giving us bursts of energy 'on key' enhancing the already surreal vibe and overall theme of Losing It!

"I thought it would be funny to have an old lady call the cops on her. It plays out really well. Especially towards the end when Jenn's crew start a mini riot concluding with Jenn dancing atop of the cruiser.

"We weren't actually sure we could get away with that for the air, but I guess with the internet boom standards have relaxed!"

Watch 'Jenn D 'Lose It' by Rock Jacobs' here


DirectorRock Jacobs
Production CompanyRazor Factory/UK
ProducerCraig Fanning
EditorWhitney Weir
Director's RepresentationY

Jimmy Brown - 8th Nov 2012

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