Sam Hill - 11th Feb 2013

Edward reveals his thoughts behind this wonderful surreal fashion film that's funny, smart and sophisticated and certainly an antidote to black and white, serious fashion films:

"The concept for the film came from chatting to Agi & Sam about the origins of the collection. The clothes were inspired by trips to their respective grandparent's houses when they were kids, where they would be subjected to '80s cop shows like Miami Vice. These two worlds (one of guns, babes and Don Johnson, and the other of floral patterns and cups of tea) melded together to create the collection. I wanted the film do the same. The initial idea came from imagining a scene in Miami Vice where a drug deal takes place on yacht scattered with bikini clad girls and men with uzis and moustaches, but instead of a yacht in Miami, the scene instead awkwardly takes place in a little old ladies living room in England."

"Agi & Sam were very much up for doing something that had a sense of humour and wasn't overly cool or typically fashiony, which is an attitude that definitely reflects their designs. It was a lot a fun to shoot, and I believe that Nigel Barber (who plays the big boss) actually appeared on Miami Vice and worked with Tom Selleck in the '80s, which was very fitting. The film also features some '80s theme song inspired music by my brother, Paul Housden"


DirectorEdward Housden
Production designerCiaran Beale
SoundAlex De Grassi
Camera operatorJohn Brown and Imogen Smyth
Make-upKirsty Coleman and Mel Jenkinson
CommissionerRaven Smith (District MTV)
ProducerJust a Little

Sam Hill - 11th Feb 2013

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