Promo News - 2nd May 2013

A superb video by Dan Sully for Miles Kane’s anthemic Don’t Forget Who You Are, sees a very sharply-dressed Miles going back to his roots, and combines performance with documentary footage to create a very atmospheric, beautifully shot celebration of Liverpool and its people.

Dan and his small crew spent three days shooting around the city and the result is a joyous document of Liverpool today – which is intercut with footage of Miles Kane in some of its finest buildings, playing with his band and then dovetailing with the documentary footage in one hell of a night on the town. The Don’t Forget Who You Are has the atmosphere and uplifting quality of a classic Britpop video – and as Dan points out below, a brilliant display of naturalistic cinematography by DoP Ben Fordesman, ably assisted by the redoubtable Aubrey Woodiwiss’s black and white grade.

Dan Sully on making the video for Miles Kane’s Don’t Forget Who You Are

This video was a departure for me, in the sense that it’s documentary-based – and it was really liberating. Three days of running around Liverpool with a reduced crew shooting in a very free and rock and roll way. There was no shot-list. Ben and I just reacted to everything we saw and I think the resulting video has an energy and a sprawling eye as a result of that.

“I think when you watch these real characters in the video the song is so up and triumphant that it kind of makes all the people in the video into little heroes. It really feels like a tribute to Liverpool, and I tip my hat to that city because I haven’t met a nicer, more can-do bunch of people in a long time – both in front of and behind the camera.

“Obviously it always helps a video if your artist can ‘give it’ on camera, and Miles really knows what he’s doing. He’s a real star, a great performer. Super-producer Sarah Tognazzi also pulled the rabbit out of the hat on this one production-wise. Not only did we capture a hell of a lot, but the shoot was great fun too. I have to mention Stewart Armstrong who was our researcher, fixer, AD and everything else – he did an amazing job.

Another special mention should go to my DOP Ben Fordesman. When you are shooting like this the DOP is left quite exposed: one lens, no lights (apart from a ring-light), and well… I think his work speaks for itself. He has a great eye and really importantly on a three day job like this, a tireless passion and energy. Aubrey finished the images beautifully with his grade.”


DirectorDan Sully
ProducerSarah Tognazzi
Executive ProducerPaul McKee
Production CompanyLove Promos
Production AssistantStewart Armstrong
Director of PhotographyBen Fordesman
ColouristAubrey Woodiwiss
Focus PullerCarl Hudson
DITShaun Atherton
Make-upSarah Morten
RunnerJac Ashton
RunnerJamie Lindberg
EditorDan Sully
CommissionerDan Millar

Promo News - 2nd May 2013

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