Promonews - 3rd May 2013

Romain Chassaing departs from his usual style of pastel colours and post-production trickery to deliver an altogether more cinematic experience for Vitalic’s Fade Away – a blackly comic procession of hit-man killings in order to take hold of a briefcase and its mysterious contents, and a true cycle of violence…

Romain’s choice of locations is perfect from the outset as we follow a chain of hired killers taking each other out blow by blow – each differently from the last and each paying homage to a different seminal crime film. Beginning in a rusting ship, we travel from horse-racing to hotel rooms, and out to the open countryside, with fantastic work from DoP Fabien Benzaquen.

As well as the serial violence, Romain manages to incorporate some great tongue-in-cheek moments. One hit-man even aims up a drain-pipe to take his opponent unawares whilst shaving. All good, clean fun.

“The idea was to play with hit-men and gangster movies,” says Romain. “Killers settling scores, like in classic movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, that we watch over and over again with the same pleasure.

“Shooting this music video was like a game. We had a lot of fun reproducing, modestly, some famous movies scenes and creating new ones.”

PRO Credits


DirectorRomain Chassaing
Production CompanySOLAB
Production CompanyExcuse My French
ProducerEdouard Chassaing
ProducerConstance Guillou
ProducerNicolas Tiry
Director of PhotographyFabien Benzaquen
1st ADAntoine Ricard
Production designerClementine Nithart
WardrobeAgathe Wesolek
Location ManagerRémi Veyrié
Location ManagerMarie-Claire Neveu
Location ManagerGrégory Moro
EditorEmilie Orsini
SteadicamLoïc Andrieu
Focus PullerNourédyne Amroun
GripBertrand Val
GafferClément Melot
SoundArnaud Marten
Make-upMathieu Baptista
Make-upLaetita Quillery
StuntsFrédéric Alhinho
ColouristMuriel Archambaud
Other creditsArmorer: Marc Lesmeslier

Promonews - 3rd May 2013

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