Promonews - 16th May 2013

A rousing performance by Deaf Havana of their song Boston Square captured by Frederick Lloyd on location in Churchill’s house in Putney (where the recent video for Dido was also shot).

“I wanted to do something that matched Deaf Havana’s new image and sound, but also resonated with the lyrics as it’s an incredibly personal and tragic song despite the upbeat nature of it in parts,” says Frederick. “It’s about someone really close to you from your past ending their life and so I wanted to tie together a really strong, emotive performance-based video, that really did the grand, anthemic nature of the track justice.

“I wanted to tie in this idea of memory and nostalgia, these fading memories and reflections but also the idea that they are never forgotten, always living within those memories. So I tried to bring some of that across, introducing small, dreamlike moments within a thundering performance from the band.”

PRO Credits


DirectorFrederick Lloyd
ProducerAlex Harman for Kode Media
ProducerElliott Williams
Director of PhotographyMatt Vahey
Director of PhotographyJonny Flint
1st ADNathan Killham
Camera operatorDuncan Trevithick
Camera operatorJames Chegwyn
GafferJonny Dew
GafferClaire Randell
GafferDaniel Goodall
SparkRyan O'Donoghue
Hair & Make-upSophie Medhurst
Production CompanyKode Media
Production AssistantJamie Whysfam
Production AssistantJosh Halling
Special ThanksUK Film Location
Special ThanksPanalux
Special ThanksMovietech
CommissionerJamie Osman

Promonews - 16th May 2013

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