David Knight - 9th Aug 2013

Very slowly, after about 25 years, taking the literal approach to directing music videos may be coming back into fashion. That's if Tom Werber's engrossingly surreal and ultimately chilling video for Villagers' Earthly Pleasures is anything to go by...

Villagers' Conor O'Brien sings of a man on a voyage of discovery, and Tom illustrates his fantastic journey from bathroom to battlefield to being balanced on the knee of a goddess – while in his Y-fronts. Here's inventive visual storytelling completely in tune with the songwriting - and there's a great performance by Jean Baptiste Fillon as the (very mortal) man.

Tom Werber: "It's an illustrative interpretation and it's been interesting to see people's reactions to that! It was a decision I made when I heard the song, which has a very strong story to it.

"I decided to treat the song as if it were a script. That's quite unusual for music videos - I certainly wouldn't do it for everything - but in this case I really like the result."


DirectorTom Werber
Production CompanySmith & Werber
ProducerStephen Smith
Director of PhotographyMatthew Beecroft
Art DirectorAurelie Taillefer
EditorSmith & Werber
CompositorErnest Dios
CompositorPau Viladot
ColouristJean Paul Vial
Grading companyClear Cut Pictures
1st ACThomas Nicholson
2nd ACIvor Churchill
GafferNeil Hawkins
GripAaron Porter
WardrobeAurelie Taillefer
Make-upAnnie Tagge
DITMark Yeshin
VFXNaveed Aftab
CommissionerJohn Moule
Other creditsCast Man: Jean Baptiste Fillon Goddess: Shereen Russell Catering: Barbara's Brazilian Kitchen Camera: Movietech Lighting: Filmplus Studio: Soundstage Studios Space images: courtesy of NASA. Special thanks: Andy Cooper at Movietech, Ben West at Filmplus, Seb Barker, Paul Jibson

David Knight - 9th Aug 2013

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