David Knight - 2nd Sept 2013

Bristol-based breakbeat duo Stanton Warriors (Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley) got their namesake from a sidewalk manhole cover made by an industrial company called Stanton Ironworks—so it makes sense that their latest video for Cut Me Up – directed by Edward Drake – is full of gritty urban landscapes, grungy skate rats and brutal face-stompings.

These guys mean business - the twist being they're not guys at all. They're a gang of fierce skater girls terrorizing the men who did them wrong, while removing their shirts in the most intimidating ways possible.

It's impressive stuff from a director just making the step up from assisting, who took a small budget a long way on the streets of Los Angeles, over several days. 

Edward Drake: "I really wanted to play into the stereotypes of LA skate culture in a fun way. My pitch was pretty straightforward - the Stanton Warriors are brat-pack gang of girl skaters.

"I wanted to do more of a developed character vignette than a narrative piece, so I tried to present a slice of life 'matter of fact' approach to showing the events but not giving all the details. I wouldn't spell it out completely but there is a loose narrative happening that plays on a West Side Story kind of thing.

"It was a three day shoot spread over Los Angeles with a 3K budget, and I couldn't be more proud of everyone's efforts, and in particular Lowell Meyer's (our DP), who did a fantastic job of embracing the city as a character in a way neither of us had seen before."


DirectorEdward Drake
ProducerAri Lubet
EditorAlex Kubrick
Director of PhotographyLowell A Meyers
Production CompanyAnonymous Content
Art DirectorLucy Campos
CommissionerAniela Jeffery-swiatek
ColouristConor Spellman
LabelUniversal Records
CommissionerRadar Music Videos

David Knight - 2nd Sept 2013

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