David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

French animation outfit CRCR have created a beautiful video for C2C's Delta with an accessible look that would sit well in a Hollywood animated movie or TV show. But the story is mysterious, and probably a bit naughtily subversive. 

CRCR were given one constraint by the band in developing their ideas for the video - it had to contain a triangle. So they've created this world in which the triangle fits - a planet populated by a technologically-advanced yet socially primitive men. When a monolithic upside-down pyramid arrives to float menacingly above the city, the narrative focusses on the failed attempts to destroy it, and the increasing dilemma of the city's warrior-leader. 

But there's plenty of clues about the bigger picture - especially when you get a vertical slit of light appearing in the triangle in front of a giant setting sun. In a world without women, that's bound to bring tears to your eyes.


Production CompanyWIZZdesign (@ Quad)
ProducerMathieu Poirier
LabelOn & On Records

David Knight - 30th Sept 2013

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