Sam Hill - 30th Sept 2013

Fresh from brushing people's teeth out for Superhumanoid, Taylor Cohen has made this promo which is both saucy and clever for Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd, in his new guise of 'Sons of the Sea'.

It's a one-shot deal in which we find Brandon in his undies tussling with a female model whilst they both become increasingly submerged in a milky liquid. Taylor's camera twists and turns, changing the position of the characters and flipping the perspectives to create a dream-like fantasy feel, which is aided by the pristine white backdrop.  The liquid rises and rises, before consuming Brandon... while his friend is suggestively out of shot...

The white liquid isn't actually milk, but methyl cellulose and water (often used for slime and liquid effects on camera) mixed with white food colouring from 'every bakery in LA'.  And it's all filmed inside a waterproof, wood basin built by production designers Ashley and Megan Fenton.

Taylor Cohen:  "The model was booked about 12 hours before the shoot. But when I called her, she was on a rooftop 2800 miles away for a party during NYFW. I pitched her the video over the phone, shouting above the pounding dance music and laughter of people much prettier and well dressed than myself. She replied with one word: "tight."

"So we booked her a flight, she left the party at 4am and went straight to JFK. She arrived on set at noon and went directly into choreography with Brandon while I worked with Sing and his crew to plan the camera moves. Due to the extensive reset time, we only got three runs at the one take video. The final video is the third take. 

"Brandon crushed it. He claims he couldn't see anything as soon as the liquid got into his eyes so his performance was really just his instincts kicking in. I guess that makes it sexier..?"

PRO Credits


DirectorTaylor Cohen
ProducerSarah Lawson
Director of PhotographySing Howe Yam
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
Production designerAshley Fenton
Production designerMegan Fenton
ChoreographerTamara Levinson Campos
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment

Sam Hill - 30th Sept 2013

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