David Knight - 20th Nov 2013

A spaceman steps into a surreal starscape, populated by numerous versions of the red planet, in Tim Fox's video for Om Unit's laidback electronica of The Silence - featuring Jinadu, who fills the spacesuit. Like Tim's recent video for Bo Saris, this is a riveting, very graphic combination of 3D imagery and live action. Very cool.  

Tim Fox: "When Om Unit sent me this track I knew I had to create something special for it, no matter what. It's one of those tracks that gets under your skin, and by the time the video was finished I still loved it!

"Stylistically I wanted to develop on from my Bo Saris video a while back, mixing live action with 3D rendered models and bold graphical forms. And with a similar injection of colourful, psychedelic imagery."


DirectorTim Fox
Production CompanyCultlovesyou
VFXTim Fox
LabelCivil Music

David Knight - 20th Nov 2013

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