David Knight - 5th Mar 2014

Filmed by Damon Albarn himself over the course of several months, then organised and edited by Matt Cronin, the video for Lonely Press Play is a window into the globe-trotting life of the performer, and subtly into a sense of loneliness.

Matt took footage directly from Damon’s tablet of him in Tokyo, London, Dallas, Utah, Colchester, North Korea, Iceland and Devon, to cut together this highly engaging video.

"“Damon has been capturing footage on his tablet for the last couple of years," says commissioner William Nichols. "At first it was just to catalogue journeys and interesting things he’d seen on tour. But as he collected footage it became clear that it could and should be used in videos and album content. The footage adds a really personal touch and unique insight into Damon’s world.”


DirectorMatt Cronin
CameraDamon Albarn
2nd unit directorJamie Carter
CommissionerWilliam Nichols

David Knight - 5th Mar 2014

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