David Knight - 10th July 2014

Sir Paul's reflections on the start of his relationship with John Lennon gets a thankfully non-literal but parallel interpretation by Vincent Haycock in the video for Early Days.

It captures the energy, excitement and vibrant creativity of a group of kids getting together to play music and becoming a band. The era is also the same as when McCartney met Lennon - the mid to late 1950s. But Haycock has transposed the story of the origin of The Beatles to the cradle of rock 'n roll, in the Mississippi Delta, where the director spent a month scouting locations.

He directed the performance element with McCartney in Los Angeles, where Sir Paul jammed with a group of veteran blues musicians including Del Atkins, Roy Gaines and Lil' Poochie - plus his pal Johnny Depp, appearing (very briefly) in his third Macca video. But its certainly the dramatic element, beautifully photographed by Evan Prosofsky, that resonates.

“It's a memory song for me, about me and John in the early days," McCartney said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "But Vince came up with this great idea: Instead of having young lookalikes of me and John walking the streets of Liverpool, guitars slung over our backs, and literally acting out the song, what if it was any two aspiring musicians? I thought that was such a cool idea." 


“Their (Paul & John’s) story at its core is a universal one, two young kids who bond over their passion for music and form a band and friendship. This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful.

"The universality of their story was a big inspiration of setting the film in Mississippi during the 50s. This is a time period that inspired The Beatles – American Rock and Roll and the Mississippi Delta Blues of the 50s. Early Days is about the spirit and inspiration young musicians find in each other."


DirectorVincent Haycock
Production CompanyPark Pictures
ProducerAnna Rau
ProducerCorbett Jones
Director of PhotographyEvan Prosofsky
Production designerJay Hougaard
StylistNatasha Newman-Thomas
Casting directorCarmela Makela
CastingLisa Roth @ HMH Casting
CastingLaurel Coyle @ The Cast Station
Production designerJosiah Bultema
Production CoordinatorGeoff Walker
ColouristArnold Ramm
Grading companyNtropic
Grade ProducerJordan Freedman
EditorVincent Haycock
EditorShane Reid
Editing companyWhitehouse Post
Artist managementMPL
CommissionerPaul McKee
Other creditsLOS ANGELES CREW: 1st AD: Aaron Paulson 2nd AD: Chris Gonzalez Steadicam: Ari Robbins 1st AC: David Edsall 2nd AC: Gary Bevans Loader: Dustin Miller Gaffer: Robert Lowe Best Boy: Craig Molsberry Electric Driver: Juan Barroso Key Grip: Bodie Hyman Best Boy: Douglas Blagg Prop Master: John Bakken Leadman: Chris Miller Set Decorator: Mandy Cheng Painter: Jedediah C Voltz Wardrobe Assistant: Tatiana Valentin Hair & Make Up: Lauren Cohen Hair & Make Up: Joel Harlow VTR: Dave Schmalz Sound Mixer: Durand Trench Assistant Sound Mixer: Kent Vederico Audio Playback: Justine Marine Location Manager: Jonathan Lynch Craft Services: Adam Berman Production Assistant: Ben Westley Production Assistant: Garret Ives Production Assistant: Raphael Xexeo Production Assistant: Bart Taylor Production Assistant: Damien Lang Production Assistant: Marcus Huerta MISSISSIPPI CREW: 1st AD: Johnny Radcliff Steadicam: Ari Robbins 1st AC: Mike Valentine 2nd AC: Alicia Fischmeister Gaffer: Mike McLaughlin Key Grip: Gilly Charbonnett Art Director: Everette Eglin Prop Master: Will Eastin Set Dresser: Keith Wall Car Wrangler: Blane Bernard Hair & Make Up: Tenia Hill Local Production Support: Sally Durkin Production Assistant: Andrew Baker Production Assistant: Adam Sherman

David Knight - 10th July 2014

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