David Knight - 25th July 2014

It's the near future, and the drop-off in proper dancing by humans is killing the flame of passion that keeps the human race going. So a Japanese couple decide to do something about it. Only Mr and Mrs Nakamatsu are having a few issues of their own...

With his typically off-the-wall premise, Saman Kesh's video for Basement Jaxx's Never Say Never somewhat harks back to a couple of classic 'white-coat'-themed vids for the Jaxx by Traktor. But Saman puts his own distinctively satirical (and butt-orientated) take on the whole lab scenario with his remarkable invention - The Twerkbot.

Featuring sensory stimuli and JAXX-patented buttocks technology – and every couple is going to want to have one. In fact, thanks to Saman's work with Alterian Inc. (who also made Daft Punk's helmets, and work a lot with Spike Jonze), it almost looks like the Twerkbot is ready to go into production...


"I wanted to make a creation that merged the Japanese obsession robotic/sex toys and the fact that the worlds 'dancing' population is starting to look less and less exciting as the music as become more 'synthetic'. So the irony of using a synthetic recreation to bring back such a human trait was kind of powerful to me. 

"The Build: My, now, dear friends at Alterian Inc. kicked ass. I brought the idea and a document of a rough mock-up of what I was looking for and what it needed to do as well as the features. They went off and kind of made a little more of a concrete sketch. We then tweaked and adjusted as we went along (since we didn't have a ton of time - 8 days to be exact). After visiting the shop almost every day and having our daily pow-wow of evolution, the robot was ready to show its stuff. 

"The Twerking: I always knew that I didn't want to do CG, but I also didn't wanna do full-on robotics. Mostly those two would have been impossible. Instead, I pitched the idea of puppeting the robot & adjusting in post. Alterian bought in and that's what we did. There were three puppeteers. One for the ass pump (the booty shakes). Another for the humping/thrusts (this was a professional Twerker). And finally another animator that worked the legs and knee joints. We later adjusted the "jittery" amount accordingly in post.

"Can you get one? I'll send you a pre-order link when it's up ;)"


DirectorSaman Kesh
ProducerCourtney Davies
Production CompanySkunk
Executive ProducerShelly Townsend
Executive ProducerMatt Factor
CommissionerJohn Moule
Director of PhotographyGuillermo Garza
WardrobeMichelle Thompson
EditorMandy Brown
EditorSaman Kesh
Production designerGreg Lang
Art DirectorCoran Deloy Oberlin
ColouristDerek Hansen
Grading companyMPC
Sound designBrent Kiser
1st ADJesse Sternbaum
GafferDavid McCabe
GripJake Smith
1st ACJonathan Dec
2nd ACJordan Gaylor
Other creditsTwerk-Bot Design & Build: Alterian Inc. - Tony Gardner, Lilo Tauvao, Peter Chevako DIRECTOR ASSISTANT: Brendan Varni PROLOGUE MUSIC: Ed Hobbs Rotoscope Artists: Moving Picture Company (MPC) Graphics & Read-out designs: Cosimo Galluzzi Read-out Motion Animations: Mike Kelley, Justin Hantz Read-out & "Add to Cart" CG: Saman Kesh CO-PRODUCERS: Joe Faulstich, Alterian Inc, Saman Kesh, Carrie Schrek SPECIAL THANKS!: Sascha Keshavarz, Randy Hoss, Bob Porter, Taylor Dean McCausland, Joe Vierra, Nicoletta Rousseva, Taylor TALENT Mr Nakamatsu: Toshiji Takeshima Mrs Nakamatsu: Kazuho Yamazaki Twerker: Nicole Steen Scientist 1: TJ Yoshizaki Scientist 1: Swee Khor Scientist 1: Muneki Nakamoto Scientist 1: Charles Han Scientist 1: Jon Chua Truck Packer: Ben Barrett

David Knight - 25th July 2014

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