Luke Tierney - 17th Sept 2014

Alexander Brown has brought together the greatest collection of retro phones you'll ever see in his video for La Roux's massively catchy Kiss And Not Tell.

Based around the phone sex industry's heyday in the 90s (although, as it's La Roux, it feels like the 80s) Ellie La Roux enjoys herself as a secret caller, in which her true influence is eventually displayed in rainbow colours.

PRO Credits


DirectorAlexander Brown
Production CompanySweetshop
Executive ProducerSpencer Dodd
ProducerGail Mosley
Director of PhotographyTim Sidell
EditorChris Roebuck
Edit ProducerAnnabelle Dunbar-Whittaker
Editing companyCut+Run
AnimationJelly London

Luke Tierney - 17th Sept 2014

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