David Knight - 22nd Jan 2015

Luke Jacobs is best known as a DoP – in particular for his work on director Josh Cole's videos for Rudimental and others. But now Luke has taken the plunge as a director himself, helming his debut video for London-based production trio Disciples' They Don't Know. 

It's a gripping story - filmed on Luke's home turf, the beautiful, very cinematic Pembrokeshire coast of West Wales. Two teenage boys shooting rabbits on the cliffs interrupt a drug dealer forcing himself on a local girl, and that encounter, ending with the girl stealing the dealer's bag, ignites a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse.

Luke shot this too - on a mixture of camera formats, then graded by Ben Rogers at Gramercy Park - and gets excellent performances from his cast. In particular Frederick Schmidt – also the hero of the I See Monsta's Circles video, Luke's most recent video with Josh Cole - makes a memorably unhinged villain.


"This was my first bash at directing a music video and it was a lot of fun and a lot of hard work! Probably made harder by the fact I was the cinematographer as well as the director and we didn't have enough money left in the budget for an AD. Luckily I did have a great team around me, the slick production skills of Like An Egg kept everything together, they are absolutely amazing and always pull off miracles!

"Also shooting in my home town of Solva/St David’s in West Wales meant I could beg favours. I even cast a local lad Ifan Price as one of the boys, he's a real character he lives for shooting and farming and would drive to set on his tractor, having had to feed his 200 odd cows before we started our dawn shoot! 

"I'm planning to direct more but I'm definitely looking forward to the easier life of just being the cinematographer on bunch of stuff that's coming up. Next time I direct I'll definitely do a simpler story though! Having so many characters and lots of narrative to squeeze into short time frame was really, really tough, and meant I had to lose some important scenes that would have helped make the story clearer and given the pieces time breath more."


DirectorLuke Jacobs (DoP)
Director of PhotographyLuke Jacobs (DoP)
Production CompanyLike An Egg Productions
ProducerKeiran Mcgaughey
EditorCarla Luffe
Editing companyBe Kind Agency
Post production companyGramercy Park Studios
ColouristBen Rogers
VFXAndrew Curtis
Post ProducerAnnika Gustavsson
CommissionerSam Seager
LabelWarner Music

David Knight - 22nd Jan 2015

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