David Knight - 10th Feb 2015

Chris Ullens seems to have combined nearly everything he likes in this video for Satin Jackets' Shine On You featuring Esser - a holiday to Italy with his wife Jade Bogue, a Super 8 camera, and (of course, as this is Chris Ullens) rather a lot of frame-by-frame animation.

And the result is delightful, because there is nothing quite like the timeless glow of a Kodachrome-captured summer... 



"This was a special project to me. It’s one close to my heart as it’s my holiday with my wife! I had a great time making this for the great guys that are behind the Belgian label Eskimo Recordings.

"Going to such a pretty place as Puglia together, we had an amazing time. I brought along my super 8 camera bought by my great great aunt in Japan in the 60s. The mix of my wife, Puglian landscapes and the rattling of my super 8 camera’s reel unfolding was pure joy to me.

"When back, I processed the London films myself to give it that harsh B&W stained look. I got the rest of the reels scanned by the meticulous work of Ed at On8Mil so I could push my footage colours as close as possible to the richness of Kodachrome. I left the edit in the hands of maestro James Wright at Tenthree editing.

"And finally I’ve gone through the whole track frame by frame picking all the moments i wanted to highlight with thousands of hand-drawn animations to enhance the synchronisation of the images on the track. Simon Ainge at Studio RM then layered it all up, tweaked the colours and light and there it was!

"All in all, a job that regroups all that I love… Messing around with super 8, developing films in corrosive chemicals, sleepless nights of hand drawn animation, holidays in Puglia and my wife. If my dog had come along, I wouldn’t have come back!"

PRO Credits


DirectorChris Ullens
ProducerJade Bogue
Director of PhotographyChris Ullens
EditorJames Wright
Editing companyTenThree
Post production companyStudio RM
Post ProducerFawnda Denham
LabelEskimo Recordings
OnlineSimon Ainge
Other creditsSuper 8 Negative Scan: On8Mil

David Knight - 10th Feb 2015

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