Jimmy Brown - 17th Feb 2015

Filmed on location in the stunning mountainous vistas of Innsbruck in sub-freezing temperatures, with some superb photography courtesy of DoP Luke Jacobs, De La Muerte - that's directing duo Debbie Scanlan and Liz Adams - have made arguably their most ambitious and certainly most adventurous promo yet for Sigma and Labrinth's Higher. 

Perfectly matching the galloping tempo of the soundtrack, DLM's adrenalin-pumping promo features three snowboarders – Alex Acs, Laura Buchmayer and Carlos Blanchard – who put on a dazzling display. All in all, a triumph in some very difficult shooting conditions.


"A high octane, high altitude race across a breathtaking arctic landscape for the party of a lifetime in an igloo with Sigma and Labrinth!

"In temperatures of -19, equipment froze on set and crew fell on their asses on the top of the mountain. But it was fucking amazing! Even if we did get sunburnt and frostbitten!

"Such an incredible, talented and adventurous team made it more like an arctic expedition than a video shoot. And we worked with some of the top snowboarding video makers in the world - what an experience!

"Driving into the snowy wilderness in convoy, the whole shoot was great fun and total madness. Highlights included howling at the huskies and chasing Lab with snowballs... and our DOP sliding all over the mountain. 

"A massive thank you to everyone involved! What a team!"

Watch 'Sigma ft Labrinth 'Higher' by De La Muerte' here

PRO Credits


DirectorDe La Muerte
Production CompanyBurning Reel
ProducerCal Gordon
Production ManagerMarcel Dambon, Michi Baumgartner
Director of PhotographyLuke Jacobs (DoP)
Focus PullerTom McMahon
2nd ACFlorian Schmeidl
Production AssistantEmanuel Kaser, Anja Patsol
Post production companyCreep Post
EditorLiz Adams
ColouristMike Tyler
CommissionerMarisa Garner Associates
Label3 Beats

Jimmy Brown - 17th Feb 2015

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