David Knight - 20th Feb 2015

Ben Reed follows a particularly gung-ho bunch of stormchasers in Oklahoma for the benefit of Tchami's dance hit Promesses. Tchami's spelling is clearly not all that, and we're not too sure about Ben's explanation for the video either.

"The song's kind of about storms and I'd remembered from when I was in school this boy who'd been struck by lightning, and like a week after it happened he punched my friend Harris so hard in the face his eye socket shattered, and we were all in awe, like, he was so tough, tougher than he was before, and by the time he finished school he was the tallest boy in the year. I think he's like one of those door to door mormons now with the brown suits and bicycles. I still wouldn't fuck with him though.

"The video was inspired by him and a footnote in Lee Trevino's biography where he mentions he met a priest who encouraged members of his parish to get struck by lightning. I think most of them died though." 

Ben is obviously having a bit of a laugh. No way did he ever have a friend called Harris.

PRO Credits


DirectorBen Reed
ProducerSarah Boardman
ProducerSteven Farnsworth
Production CompanyRiff Raff Films
Executive ProducerSarah Boardman
Director of PhotographyNic Booth
Focus PullerBunee Tomlinson
GafferAlexander Brou
Make-upYusuke Tateishi
Grading companyBig Buoy
Post production companyBig Buoy
Director's RepresentationJoceline Gabriel
CommissionerEmily Ann Sonnet
LabelMinistry of Sound
Other creditsProduction Assistant: Jesse Easdon Label Manager: Janette Quaye

David Knight - 20th Feb 2015

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