Cat Velez - 11th Mar 2015

Kris Moyes's numerous excellent videos - like Buttons by Sia and My People by The Presets, and others for Grizzly Bear, The Rapture and Beck - remain quite unique from each other, albeit with a tendency towards playful film techniques and VFX. This one for Mysteries' Newly Thrown is entirely different from anything before it - visually pared-back, two characters, subtitled dialogue. And as it dramatizes the process of making a music video, he's risked being self-indulgent. 

But Kris - one of the most creative music video directors operating anywhere (usually Sydney or LA, in fact) – has made a really captivating piece of work. After a commissioner informs a troubled director that the band has agreed to him directing their promo, the latter describes a story that has been playing on his mind.

What's great about this approach is how free-association begins to form between the lyrics, dialogue, the tone of the music, the story he tells and the chemistry between the characters. Feeling emanates through the interplay between these, through which meaning can be interpreted. The poignant moment of marriage between the lyrics and dialogue with the line "It could be all you want, you just need to take a chance" packs a real punch.


DirectorKris Moyes
ProducerKris Moyes

Cat Velez - 11th Mar 2015

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