Cat Velez - 16th Apr 2015

There have been various videos based on classic movie posters, and numerous vids have been inspired by the Blaxploitation movie genre. And it seems that at some point or another Snoop Dogg must have done one or the other. Well, now he's definitely done both, and surely nailed it for good.

Francois Rousselet - now working solo, following after the retirement of directing duo Jonas & Francois – has created the ultimate Blaxploitation movie poster video for Snoop's So Many Pros. It's a perfectly crafted, wonderfully detailed, witty, sexy recreation of some of the very best of the genre.  

With a seriously impressive level of precision and scope of designs - and here's just a sample of the 30-odd posters Francois and the team at Division and Mathematic created for the video - Snoop dons various leading-man guises, and backed with a sizeable supporting cast, including Felicia ‘Snoop’ Pearson from HBO’s classic crime show The Wire, and the ubiquitous Pharrell Williams, who produced the new Snoop Dogg record.   

“I wanted to depict Snoop Dogg as a black James Bond, and film him in scenes inspired by the Blaxploitation era,” says Francois.  “The video is a total homage to this period, which was one of the richest in terms of graphic design. 

"Only Snoop Dogg could embody such great characters through a series of posters that depict and pay tribute to one of the most iconic chapters of Hollywood history.”   

PRO Credits


DirectorFrancois Rousselet
Production CompanyDivision
ProducerJules de Chateleux
Line ProducerPJ Sodaski
Director of PhotographyNicolas Loir
StylistMindy Le Brock
EditorBruno Track
VFX ProducerGuillaume Marien
Production AssistantNadege Moreau
Post production companyMathematic
Director's Rep (UK)Riff Raff Films
CommissionerSaul Levitz
Other creditsVFX Line Producer: Helene Saint Riquier

Cat Velez - 16th Apr 2015

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