Cat Velez - 18th June 2015

The zany, rather scruffy goofiness of Naive New Beaters has been faithfully recorded in a bunch of great videos down the years - and here's another one that's up with their best. Romain Chassaing has delivered a brilliant, electric-paced promo for Run Away which follows the band's unlikely progress from normal guys to inept yet wildly successful criminals.

NNB frontman David Boring plays a frustrated working stiff and family man who decides to dabble in small-time robbery with his pals. Which sets off a frantic, and completely off-the-wall trail of events, involving hold-ups, bundles of cash, animal masks, sex, betrayal and a knife-twisting denouement.  

Chassaing and the band went over to Argentina to shoot the video and make the production budget go further, and it looks great. But as Romain explains here, they found that running around with guns in Buenos Aires, even fake ones on a video shoot, can be a dangerous business.


"At first we wanted to make a hold up with my friends the Naive New Beaters. We needed dough. So we watched Point Break at least ten times, we even did 15 days of scouting in Argentina. We thought it was gonna be easier over there. We were super-motivated, but at the last minute we chickened out. So we just made a music video.

"By dint of filming the band carrying guns in the streets, they nearly got shot. True story!"

"We thought it was going to be less risky but in the end it was pretty much as dangerous! By dint of filming the band carrying guns in the streets, they nearly got shot. True story!"

PRO Credits


DirectorRomain Chassaing
Director of PhotographyJulien Meurice
Production CompanySOLAB
ProducerNicolas Tiry
ProducerEdouard Chassaing
Line ProducerYannick Roux
Production AssistantLucie Santamans
1st ADMartin Bustos
2nd ADSol Giancastro
Production ManagerDiego Rochman
Production AssistantFlor Colombatti
Production AssistantNico Raffaele
Location ManagerMartín Coca
1st ACLucas Guardia
1st ACJuan Paviolo
2nd ACEzequiel Di Grillo
2nd ACSantiago Gershanik
GafferMatías Infiesta
ElectricianJulio Gonzalez
ElectricianDiego Porto
Art DirectorMaximiliano "Aduki" Zanabria
Assistant Art DirectorCamila Marconi
Assistant Art DirectorCeleste Galickas
StylistAudrey Belin
StylistYael Botia
Wardrobe AssistantMaría Pía del Olmo
Post production companyReepost
EditorRoxane Fauré-Huet
ColouristAnne Szymkowiak
Edit AssistantMilliasseau Merlin
Post ProducerDehia Oussana
Post ProducerCécile Hournau
FlameTarek Maalouf
Sound designGum
SoundFrédéric Monvoisin
SoundThéo Josso
Other creditsLocation Assistant: José Varamo HD Operator : Marcelo Scoppa Executive production : Jacaranda Films Executive Producer : Remi Noiriel & Mauro Groisman Account Department : Mariela Leiva Production Assistant : Lorena Pereira Bidding Department : Barbara Serrano Account Department assistant : Federico Lattanzio PA : Any Benoit 1st AC (retakes) : Felipe Benoit Location assistant (retakes) : Willy Vercruysse Colour Grade Assistant: Simon Gadrey

Cat Velez - 18th June 2015

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