Cat Velez - 27th July 2015

Oliver Hadlee Pearch has taken a decidedly visceral approach to his music video for Palace's Head Above The Water. Dealing with the nervy physicality of the human body and all its twitches, spasms, and other instinctive bodily processes, the piece effectively creates a hypnotic series of close-up portraits, in which something doesn't appear to be quite right with its subjects.

Insisting on suffocating imagery such as a human statue in a bag being sucked of its air, and a man laid out on a table struggling to breathe, it's pairing with the sleepy, somewhat melancholic melodies of Head Above The Water makes for an the existential watch, reminding us of our fleshy, corporeal impermanence. 

“When you are swept up by a wave, you are caught underwater, not knowing which way is up or down, left or right. This was sort of the starting point for this video. This idea of confusion. Concussion even," Oliver told Noisey, where the video was premiered last week. 

"Dreams played a big part in this film. How many different scenes can sit side by side harmoniously. I wanted to try and create mini-narratives which all lead the same way yet are completely removed from each other. Tied together. Across the video we want the audience to be hypnotized, drawn in yet not knowing why or how.”

Watch 'Palace 'Head Above The Water' by Oliver Hadlee Pearch' here

PRO Credits


DirectorOliver Hadlee Pearch
Executive ProducerPaul Weston
Head of Music VideoNathan James Tettey
Production CompanyColonel Blimp
ProducerTom Tennant
1st ADGrant Sandy Phillips
Director of PhotographyJulien Véron
Director of PhotographyJack Wilkinson
Focus PullerRan Geffen
Focus PullerRyan Parkins
Clapper LoaderRoland Phillips
Clapper LoaderMarco Alonso Monedero
GafferDanny Hayward
ElectricianJovan Lawrence
Art DirectorOliver Hogan
Assistant Art DirectorJakob Gierse
Art Department AssistantAmy Petra Woodward
PropsCarl Ryan
WardrobeHannah Hopkins
Make-upDanie Farrington
Casting directorMartha Stewart
EditorMax Windows
Editing companyHomespun
ColouristJulien Biard
Post production companyFinish
RunnerCalypso Keane
RunnerRosanna Trower
RunnerJamie Kelly
Other creditsConstruction: Zane McGill

Cat Velez - 27th July 2015

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