Cat Velez - 21st Aug 2015

Frequent collaborators In/Out and British band Mt. Wolf have released these beautiful chemically corroded visuals for the track Red from the group's recently released EP of the same name.

Two exact sets of rushes were exposed and are visible in the clip... but one was treated with all manner of caustic substances and subjected to abrasion by the filmmakers' fingernails. The duo explain the process in more detail below. 


"Materials used: 16mm celluloid, household bleach, mould spray, hair dye, baking powder, baking soda, nail files, finger nails. All 2000ft of the rushes were placed in a bath tub for 2 days and manually treated with the listed materials. All textures created solely using this method.

"The lyric 'close this wound' was central to our idea. This open and bloody wound - a wound that heals itself - became representative of decay and regeneration. With this in mind we set out to explore how best film could represent these themes, ultimately choosing the arduous and tactile process of affecting film after it has been exposed. The result was decomposition on a chemical level as well as physically scratching and scouring certain frames. Evoking the works of Stan Brakhage and Lucio Fontana.

"We also had clean, untreated rushes, and the resulting interplay between these two sets attempts to invoke the relationship between deterioration and rebirth. John Stezaker was also an inspiration, particularly his mixture of portraiture and archive. The latter was carefully selected to sit in harmony with the above themes."


Director of PhotographyRina Yang
Camera AssistantJonny Lewis
GafferEliott Beach
ColouristJoseph Bicknell
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Lee Mackay @ Panavision, Nigel Horn @ i-dailies, Toby Newman @ Pixipixel, Natalie Arnett @ Untitled

Cat Velez - 21st Aug 2015

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