Cat Velez - 8th Oct 2015

Kid Wave's I'm Trying To Break Your Heart, is a thoughtfully executed video directed by James Greenall and Chris Parton, depicting a day in the life of a close, co-dependent friendship between two girls living in a seaside town.

The characters have a strong on-screen presence which suits the disaffected, ambling vibe of the song, and that contributes to the growing sense that they have outgrown a place that they somehow cannot leave.


"We wanted to explore how boredom and tension can be heightened in a beautiful setting. Growing up in a quiet town can be claustrophobic and uninspiring and this friction seemed to fit perfectly with the feel of the song."

"With friends jumping ship there can be a growing dependancy on the friends that are left behind. This dependancy is what we tried to convey in the video, and how this can affect an already difficult, confusing and tempestuous relationship. We wanted to hint at the good times that can be had but also the pressure it can put on two girls who just want to escape, but have no means to do so."


DirectorJames Greenall
DirectorChris Parton
ProducerJames Greenall
Production CompanyDate Squad
Director of PhotographyChris Parton
EditorElise Butt
Editing companyTrim Editing
ColouristPhilip Hambi
Grading companyMPC
Lead actorTamsin Topolski
Lead actorNicole Hartley

Cat Velez - 8th Oct 2015

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