David Knight - 9th Dec 2015

After we end relationships, we carry the echo of those old relationships around with us, when we start new ones. That's the essential idea of LAMAR+NIK's return to music video action with French chanteuse Schérazade's L'Amour Á Plusieurs – which loosely translates as 'making love to multiple people'.

As Schérazade prepares for a first date, we get a hint of these former lovers, but as the big moment draws close their presence becomes much more obvious...


"We interpreted the lyrics to mean 'having sex with a lot of people seems fine at first, but eventually you'll catch feelings'. With that general outline we decided to make a story that metaphorically deals with relationship baggage.

"After every past relationship and upon entering a new one you always have the memories of your exes floating around. We all have baggage from past relationships and sometimes it gets in our way of forming new ones."


Director of PhotographyQuentin De Lamarzelle
Executive ProducerAlexandre Richardot
ProducerJean-Claude Marx
Production CoordinatorMohamed Nebbou
Production CompanyRods
1st ADJeremy Fauchoux
Art DirectorJeremy Lemoine
StylistNoemie Veissier
CommissionerGrégoire Pluchet
Other credits1ST AC: Charles Cornier 2ND AC: Raphael Aprikian STEADICAM OP: Remi Quilichini GRIP: Marc Saclier GAFFER: Cedric Meyrand PROPS: Irene Moati KEY MAKEUP ARTIST: Laurie Moreau ASSISSTANT MAKEUP ARTIST: Morgane Vandé HAIR STYLIST: Anne Bochon LOCATION MANAGER: Simon Lechvien

David Knight - 9th Dec 2015

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