Cat Velez - 5th Jan 2016

DJ Fresh and High Contrast have paired with director Scott Cudmore - taking a turn at solo directing after his run of fine videos with Michael Leblanc – for How Love Begins featuring Dizzee Rascal. It's a line-blurring pastiche of 80s sexy fitness videos and crime movies.

The fun-loving piece sees Spandex-wearing dancers, the ones we've seen once or twice before, finally break the confines of their aerobics video and old-shaped TV, happily invading scenes straight out of a cop drama, thrusting away in the police station, court and jailhouse, to the confusion of the actors.

Back on the old TV, Dizzee also makes a typically charismatic cameo as a mouthy newsreader. And you may still may be inspired to jog off all those Christmas pies.


“I’d never quite done a video like this before…more high energy, definitely poppier than my work usually is. It was a really ambitious shoot - lots of cast, lots of sets, lots of choreography, a lot of transitions and different moments to make work together. We did it all in one day, which was a little bit insane, but the crew and everybody on this project were amazing and it’s to their credit that we pulled it off. It was also a lot of fun.”


DirectorScott Cudmore
Director of PhotographyChristopher Lew
Production CompanyRevolver Films
ChoreographyAddy Chan
Executive ProducerRichard Cureton
ProducerRory Halsall
1st ADJason Bourke
CommissionerCaroline Clayton
LabelMinistry of Sound
Production ManagerMarielle La Rue
Production designerJessica Jerome
ColouristClinton Homuth
VFXJake Owens
EditorScott Cudmore
SteadicamAlan Kelly
1st ACMichael Narimella
2nd ACAnita Toth
Hair & Make-upCait Mizzi
StylistMuska Zurmati
CastingAshley Hallihan
GafferAnya Shore
BB ElectricDanny Luizinho
Key GripTony Ranieri
BB GripRohan Painter
Director's RepresentationLock It In
Other credits3rd Electric: Simona Analte

Cat Velez - 5th Jan 2016

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