Cat Velez - 14th Jan 2016

Following up Mike Tyler's last two collaborations with Enter Shikari for Anaesthetist and Torn Apart, Redshift is even larger and more epic in scale. Made up of captivating satellite footage and timelapse sequences of cloud formations and starry skies, the video successfully captures the band's fascination with - and contemplation of - the cosmos.

That is, until everything ends in beyond-apocalyptic fashion...


"When I first head Redshift I immediately thought that this was a track that needed a video with some scale to it. You can’t have a song about the vastness of space without a video that tries to bring that as well.

"I thought it would be fun to realise the fears everyone had a little while back about the Large Hadron Collider accidentally creating a black hole that would consume the Earth (which fortunately could never happen). The track has a massive ending which seemed perfect for some apocalyptic chaos, and the Shikari boys delivered some of their usual epic performances which made the whole thing work. Big love to the excellent crew who worked really hard and were a dream to work with."

PRO Credits


DirectorMike Tyler
ProducerHarvey Ascott
Production ManagerNatalie Taylor
1st ADDan Gibling
Director of PhotographyJon Ilnes
Focus PullerJames Woodmass
2nd ACDrew Tate
GafferRik Burnell
Art DirectorAna Gold
Make-upSophie Cox
EditorMike Tyler
ColouristRichard Fearon
Grading companyMPC
VFXMike Tyler
Director's RepresentationMarisa Garner Associates
CommissionerSean Mayo

Cat Velez - 14th Jan 2016

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