Cat Velez - 2nd Feb 2016

Thibaut Duverneix has conjured up a romantic and magical dance sequence for Elton John's new song Blue Wonderful. It follows a lonely woman in her suburban home, who dances as if she were in a Broadway musical, and is eventually joined by the man of her dreams when she steps out onto the lawn. 

The couple, light on their feet to the point of defying the laws of gravity, are a dreamy vision of perfection, until the woman's partner disappears as quickly as he appears...


DirectorThibaut Duverneix
ChoreographyVictor Quijada
1st ADMarilou Nadeau
CommissionerAilsa Robertson
Director's Rep (UK)Lock It In
ProducerRichard Cureton
Line ProducerMartin Henri
Production ManagerMarie-Soleil Patry
Director of PhotographyJessica Lee Gagne
1st ACÉric Godbout
2nd ACIsabelle Lecompte
SteadicamDaniel Sauvé
Art DirectorSusan MacQuarie
StylistMélodie Wronski
EditorThibaut Duverneix
VFX SupervisorJulien Demers Arseneault
ColouristVickie-Lynn Roy
Other creditsTalent: Lydia Bouchard and James Gregg Production director: Marie-Claire Lalonde Production dir. asst: Émilie Mercier VFX: Paul Laberge, Johann Lanteigne, Gregory Adam Kaufman Machinist: Charles Péloquin, Pierre Malo Technicians: Rebecca Dory, Kenny Dorvil, Jorand Rowicki Producer assistant: Evren Boisjoly

Cat Velez - 2nd Feb 2016

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