Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2016

LAMAR+NIK return to music videos for this playfully inventive clip for American indie-pop band Deep Sea Diver's See These Eyes, which sees frontwoman (and former Shins guitarist) Jessica Dobson leading a succession of mostly in-camera FX sequences, from its datamoshing opening to T-shirt colour changes to rotating camera moves, to an mysterious cameo by rocker Dave Matthews - wearing a 'Cameo' T-shirt.

So why is the really quite famous Dave Matthews in the video? The directors says there is no real explanation, other than it became possible, so they did it. "He goes to a coffee shop where one of the bandmates works, and they just asked him if he'd be in the video. He said yes. He's a really cool and humble guy. We just thought it was really random and funny!"


Director of PhotographySpenser Sakurai
Production AssistantSarah Jurado
Hair & Make-upJenna Hatcher
Art DepartmentStephen Guglielmo
Location ManagerShay Carlucci
Other creditsExtras: Ellie Lillstrom, Ashley Redding Cameo: Dave Matthews

Cat Velez - 10th Mar 2016

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