Davis Silis - 31st Mar 2016

It begins with a howl. The disappointed howl of a single man, like the howl of decades from voices never heard while a helicopter hovers with menace above. ‘I’ve got nothing left to say,’ he tells us. ‘I’ve lost everything I had, and I’m not angry, I’m not mad,’ he reassures a culpable nation built on plunder.

And so it begins. A song. A film. With a clarity of voice, a clarity of vision that somehow feels lessened if it were called just a music video. Because it’s so much more.

With the able hand of Hiro Murai’s direction, this video carries unfathomable weight on its shoulders, with a grace and lightness of touch that is deeply arresting.

There is no indictment. No direct accusation, in lyrics or images. And still, we can’t help pine for a lost innocence that was likely never there. ‘I’m in love, but I’m still sad. I found peace, but I’m not glad’ we hear while a young boy stands alone at an intersection he’ll never cross. Our illusion of where our society’s debts lie quietly shattered as a police car violently strikes a life.

This video is nothing short of breathtaking. Its beauty surpassed only by its effortless, haunting substance. 

It leaves you crushed. It leaves you hopeful. It leaves you a different person than before you watched.

Already a stand-out video this year, and one of the finest examples of Murai’s directorial voice.

PRO Credits


DirectorHiro Murai
Production CompanyDoomsday Entertainment
Executive ProducerDanielle Hinde
ProducerJason Cole
Director of PhotographyLarkin Seiple
Production designerHannah Espinoza
StylistMichelle Thompson
Stunt Co-ordinatorMindy Kelly
CastingMichael Beaudry
EditorHiro Murai
VFX CompanyMPC
VFXJustin Hantz
VFXHiro Murai
ColouristRicky Gausis
Grading companyMPC
CommissionerSemera Khan
CommissionerEmily Tedrake

Davis Silis - 31st Mar 2016

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