Luke Bather - 18th July 2016

We Are From LA deliver an interactive video where you, the viewer, get to choose your own couple and let them run through a glorious neon noir world.

With a cast of 20 (and thus a possible 100 combinations), you can pick a couple of any age, race or gender and mix and match how you see fit simply by clicking on the person you want to swap out. For those amongst you that have always dreamed of godlike cupid powers, this is your chance at a dry run.

The most striking thing about this video (beyond the incredible set design, costume and casting) is the sheer mammoth undertaking of the choreography from everyone involved. A smooth camera glides through the set and each and every cast member takes the same steps to give you the feeling of a fluid, continuous take. Awesome.

Watch 'Cassius 'The Missing' by We Are From LA' here

PRO Credits


DirectorWe Are From LA
Director of PhotographyMatias Boucard
Production CompanyIconoclast
Executive ProducerRoman Pichon Herrera
Line ProducerMaximilien Rivolet
Post ProducerClaire Ruszniewski
1st ADStéphane Essadi
2nd ADLamine Cherifi
Director of PhotographyMatias Boucard

Luke Bather - 18th July 2016

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