Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

Kris Rimmer looks at modern British life from a typically British perspective in his video for Matt Maltese.

Set predominantly in a pub, the video takes a slightly defeated look at the characters who occupy it - each from a different generation. The small windows into their world outside of the pub paint a bleak picture, each seemingly indulging in some form of escape no matter where they are.

Is there hope in the young people despite what the older generations may have taken away from them, or will they just end up the same as their elders?


"The song is very direct in many ways, so although we knew we wanted to depict byproducts of the modern age, we didn't want the imagery to be fully dictated by the lyrics.

"Although you might think the video is focussed on the husband and wife, for me the protagonists here are the youths. We wanted to create a microcosm of society and they offer us a voice of reason; a voiceless generation who absorb the impact from the mistakes made by those before them."

PRO Credits


DirectorKris Rimmer
ProducerIndia Lee
Focus PullerLee Pulbrook
Art DirectorPenny Mills
Make-upSam Tansey
EditorKris Rimmer
Lead actorRichie Winearls, Frances Lima, Sachin Kureishi, Carlo Kureishi, Joyce, Imogen Morris Clarke

Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

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