Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

Jack Whiteley and Spring King are back with a hilarious sequel to their 'Detroit' video.

For those who don't remember, part one of this two-part Euro-trash blind date spoof saw Penelopete pick Bartek as their date, winning a trip to (yes, you guessed it) Detroit.

This video sees the couple catch up with the show's host and tell all about how the dream holiday went. It's more of the same great 90s pastiche we saw in the Detroit video, only now the characters are out in the real world. However, it's not long before the cracks start to show and it becomes painfully clear that this isn't a match made in heaven.


"I was drawn to the concept of doing a two-part music video as I could shoot across the two singles making more time for story and character development. Doing a Blind Date-style take-off allowed us to divide the story neatly into two, finishing the first video with the awkward reveal moment and picking up the following week to find out how the holiday went. I’ve always loved car crash TV and this format allowed me to indulge in that in a clever and engaging way.

"The advantage of being friends is that we know and trust one another, and we share a similar sense of humour. I was pretty much given free range with my ideas, which is a great position to be in as a director with a band you genuinely like. And because I already knew them I was able to come up with characters based on what I knew their personalities to be, allowing for more sincere performances. Similarly, the presenter is played by our dear friend Kostas, who was essentially just playing himself, albeit a slightly more heightened and manic version. Hopefully, we’ll get to do a part three or a spin-off at some point as I feel like we’re only just starting to see a glimpse of the real Penelopete!’"

PRO Credits


DirectorJack Whiteley
ProducerMatt Posner
Director of PhotographyMalte Rosenfeld
1st ADIsusko Garcia
Art DirectorJerry Bland
WardrobeRachel Schofield Owen
Hair & Make-upLaura Wisinger
EditorMark Burnett
OnlineAbsolute Post
ColouristMatt Turner
FlameChris Chitty
TitlesTom Cardo-Moreno
SoundJoe Wills
Production CompanyRattling Stick
CommissionerClaire Southwick
Other creditsEuro Lover Jingle: Nick Smith & Ste Cole

Luke Bather - 17th Nov 2016

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