Luke Bather - 1st Dec 2016

Hélène Jeudy and Antoine Caëcke (aka GERIKO) create an incredible science fiction universe in their jaw-dropping black and white animation for Lorn.

With the feel of a graphic novel brought to life, Geriko's video allows us to view a dystopian future in which social networks can manifest in physical ways, invade the body and mind and blow them wide open. The animation duo have crafted a detailed, rich world that draws inspiration from classic sci-fi as well as anime works to create a truly compelling visual that's so good you'd be tempted to plug it straight into your brain.


DirectorHélène Jeudy
DirectorAntoine Caëcke
AnimationManddy Wyckens
AnimationHélène Jeudy
AnimationAntoine Caëcke

Luke Bather - 1st Dec 2016

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