Cat Velez - 16th Jan 2017

The guys from Dutch Uncles spend a day at Buxton Raceway - taking advantage of the racetrack's windswept, cinematic rural location - in this video for their title track from upcoming album Big Balloon. 

Director Nick Middleton felt the track's driving bass line meant the video needed a strong sense of motion, so was inspired to shoot at the Raceway - about five miles down the road from where the Dutch Uncles grew up. He wanted to film a few crashes, but he says "it surprised us when we saw some of the drivers were as young as 10 years old."


"I nicked the idea to shoot each member of the band from a circling car from Bad Boys, the bit where Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back to back with guns out. It was pretty DIY, we just found an abandoned petrol station in Manchester and drove in circles until we got the shot. 

"The rest of the idea for the video came from my friend Patrick who was going to shoot up at Buxton Raceway with a drone. We met him up there but the drone wasn’t working because it was so cold. Before we went, I looked at Emily Kai Bock’s Oblivion video for Grimes, which is in my opinion one of the best modern music videos out there. Obviously I didn't want to rip it off entirely, but it gave me the confidence to take the documentary/music video idea and run with it. My favourite shot in the video is at the end with the kids hanging out of the car with the chequered flag and their trophies. 

"I highly recommend going for a day out there, the atmosphere was very friendly. I think you can see that in the video.”


DirectorNick Middleton
ProducerMatthew Maxey
Focus PullerStephie Parker
LabelMemphis Industries

Cat Velez - 16th Jan 2017

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