David Knight - 15th Mar 2017

Ciaran Lyons' video for Glaswegian hiphop duo Jay Rolex & MC Almondmilk is a treat for anyone who has a soft spot for the ugly side of the so-called Beautiful Game.

Lyons sticks the pair in their own shockingly rudimentary football-with-ultraviolence videogame, with the occasional (unauthorised) interjections from TV football's most famous faces. 

Ciaran Lyons says: "Making a video for a big Scottish man rapping about football is actually very liberating, because you know that you don't have to try to appeal to everybody. The concept was to try and create a really moronic, violent game of football, without spending any money." Job done.

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DirectorCiaran Lyons

David Knight - 15th Mar 2017

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