Luke Bather - 7th Apr 2017

Björk's VR film finally gets an adapted music video release to the wider world and, of course, it's a treat.

Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones' work is a display of CGI fireworks and transformative explosions of colour and light - even in a non-VR context, it's still a sensory delight. A CGI Björk sings and dances as she seemingly changes form in a world which darkness envelops, but lightness begins to penetrate and alter.

No stranger to VR, after her 360 Stonemilker video a few years back, Björk's always managed to push boundaries in visual media. It's just a shame we've had to wait so long to see it.


DirectorWarren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones
Creative DirectorBjörk
Creative DirectorJames Merry
VFXAnalog Studios

Luke Bather - 7th Apr 2017

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